Our Story

It is with joy that we welcome you to our blog. We are the Oberlanders and we are sharing our journey of faith, family and many more tidbits of our life here on the Canadian West Coast.

Cher, Eleanor, and Reshad

Our story began on a warm Australian night back in 2005. Reshad was an ambitious and adorably handsome surfer boy who won the heart of an energetic and carefree Cher.

Reshad and Cher - Young Love

It wasn’t long before we married and were ready to begin our life together as a family of two.

149_ceremony_cr copy

We each decided that education was important and so began our separate degrees one at a time. Reshad enrolled in a Business Diploma and Cher in an Interior Design Degree. These many years were financially tight and often stressful, but we learned the importance and value in smart money management and leaning on each other for support.

Soon our little family of two became three. He was bright-eyed, hairy, and smelled terrible, but we were smitten. Zeus the Weimaraner has since been a constant source of chaos and entertainment in our lives and we couldn’t imagine it without him.

Zeus the Weimeraner

Almost exactly 10 years after we met, we welcomed our first human child. Our precious Eleanor Katie has filled our lives with baby giggles and sleepless nights ever since. And we wouldn’t trade it for the world.

Eleanor Katie

We welcome you on our journey as we forge our path together in love.


The Oberlanders