It’s Time to Make Time

In today’s fast paced world, it is a challenge some days to get even a few minutes with your husband or wife. You both work full-time, hit the gym several times a week, and have a social life together and apart. And then, add a baby to the mix and time becomes relative. Relative time between diaper changes, feeding, nap time, go to work, go to the gym, eat, fall asleep, repeat.

12038964_10153721004861177_5645111691585012782_oSomewhere in the maelstrom of our day-to-day existence, we wake up and realize we don’t remember the last time we made time just for the two of us. And then we sigh because we are too exhausted to make an effort.  The old saying relationships take work becomes ever so real to us during this time. This is the work time of the relationship.  Even if we’re tired or craving our adult friendships, our spouse is our number one priority.

It is too convenient to put time with our spouse on the bottom of our priority list. Often, it does not make our to-do list. However, the reality is, we are the only ones that can make a choice to create quality time for our significant other. Anyone can make dinner, do the dishes, vacuum the rug, walk the dog; not just anyone can make that significant, intimate, meaningful, relational connection that is the foundation of strong relationships. This is where you get to know your mate on a deep level that no one else gets to experience. This is where you establish and build trust, love, and respect. This is where you begin to understand what makes them tick, what drives them, motivates them. This is where you learn about each others hopes, dreams, and fears. This is where you learn to aspire and inspire together. This is where two truly become one, and you step forward with bold confidence into your future together.

It’s time to make time for our partners.

Some of the ways we have learnt to make time for each other are:

  • Going for a walk together
  • Sharing morning coffee
  • Sharing a glass of wine
  • Having a sit down meal at the table not in front of the TV
  • Reviewing each days events
  • Regular discussions about dreams and goals
  • Planned outings together

We challenge you today and every day to make a quality time commitment to your partner and watch your relationship grow!

What are some of your favourite ways to spend time together?

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