Dude, You’re Whipped!

It’s a phrase we’ve either all heard, or said.

“DUDE, YOU’RE WHIPPED!” Like some wannabe Indiana Jones, a quick whip-like movement of the hand and the notorious WUH-PSSSH crack of the whip. Sorry pal, you’ve got nothing on Mr. Ford.


Reshad & Cher - Dude, You're Whipped

You know the guy I mean. That unfortunate fellow walking down the street carrying his lady’s handbag; that one guy that takes a call from his girl at poker night and is forced to say ‘I love you’; that guy that doesn’t come to poker night because he’s spending the evening with his wife; the guy going lingerie, and make up shopping with his girl; the guy carrying all the lingerie and make up purchases; the guy that has to ‘talk to the wife first’; and of course the guy that is subjected to all the ‘chick flicks’ like How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days or Sex and the City 2.

I’ve certainly been told ‘dude, you’re whipped’ a number of times over the years. Sometimes for one of the reasons listed above, sometimes something else.

Of course, the comment is typically a jovial jab among friends and occasionally a more pointed punch aimed squarely at a man’s manhood. Clean thinking please.

That said, I have a real problem with the idea that being considerate of your wife makes you less of a man. That somehow putting your wife’s needs above your own makes a guy a circus animal, performing tricks on command. At what point did being a caring, compassionate, gentleman deteriorate from honour to ridicule?When did we decide that thinking of your wife before yourself equals weakness?

I will carry her purse, her shopping, hold her hand; I will take her calls anywhere, anytime; I’ll shout ‘I love you’ from the rooftops; I will seek her counsel; I will watch ‘chick flicks’ with her. Further, I will do whatever I can to show her how much I love her, make her happy, and put a smile on her face. If that makes me whipped, guess what?

Dude, I’m Whipped!

If you’re not whipped, perhaps you should be 😉


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