4 Tips to Start Following Your Dreams Today

Sometimes following your dreams can feel like swimming out into the open ocean! It’s deep, dark, cold, and unknown! There are strong currents to push you off course, the sheer expanse is intimidating, and all kinds of dangers lurk just below the surface to cast doubt and fear in your mind.


Nevertheless, you work up the courage to set out in quest of your dream. Only, you find that after you swim, and swim, and swim, your dream seems no closer than from the shore.

Make no mistake, the passionate pursuit of your dream may be a harrowing journey. What then if it was easy? Would the dream inspire you the same way?

For us, one of our dreams was to start a business together. Something that we could work on together as husband and wife. This blog is one of the first steps for us in realizing this dream.

Here are four tips we have found helpful to us in the pursuit of our dream.

#1 Write it Down

The first step in bringing your dream to life can be as simple as putting it on paper. This could be one line, or a paragraph. The important thing is to get it out of your head and into the tangible.

Once you have written your dream, put it somewhere you will see it every day along with pictures of what your dream will look like and mean to you.

#2 Share Your Dream

We talked about our dream together and with people close to us early and often. This gave us a chance to say out loud what we were dreaming of. How does it sound? Does it make sense?

Sharing our dream with each other and our loved ones also gave us the opportunity to hear words of wisdom and allowed our dream to take shape. We were able to gain more clarity and direction with our dream and establish how to move forward.

Most importantly, sharing our dream allowed others to support and encourage us on our journey.

#3 Make a List

Create some action steps to take that will move you along the path to your dream. Some of what that looked like for us is as follows:

  • Decide on a name
  • Buy our domain name
  • Arrange web hosting
  • Install blogging software (WordPress)
  • Learn how to use blogging software
  • Setup Social Media Profiles
  • Develop content

#4 Just. Start.

As important as it is to plan, discuss, and prepare for your dream to become a reality, it is also important to take the first step. Do not wait for the perfect conditions, or for the right time. Chances are that one or another condition may never be perfect and time is the easiest resource to waste.

One day after talking, planning, making lists, talking, talking, talking, and more talking, we said ‘what are we waiting for’ and took the leap. We are so glad we did! We are so excited to see our dream taking shape and to have you along for the ride!

Come on in! The water is warm!

What are some of your dreams? What tips do you have for pursuing your dream?

Comment below!

4 thoughts on “4 Tips to Start Following Your Dreams Today

  1. I am so excited for you guys! This site is great. I have a small business and love the flexibility it offers, as well as the personal development that comes from pushing yourself to reach new goals. My tip is to ensure you stay committed. Once you have done your homework and are ready to ‘take the leap’, keep swimming! There may be some people who do not see your vision – but it is your vision – not theirs. There will be many other people who cheer you on, swim with you, or even throw you a life jacket if you need one! It will be worth it.

    1. Thank you Jen! Great tip on commitment and to keep swimming! The satisfaction from striving for and obtaining goals in life is an incredible feeling!

  2. Congratulations on following your dream. Well done — it can only get better. I wish you both all the success and happiness in your pursuit of this goal — congratulations also on both obtaining a degree. I believe education is most helpful in opening minds and eyes. All the best — cheers

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