3 Things My Baby Has Taught Me About Life

We LOVE playing with our baby girl! Ela offers us an endless source of joy, laughter, fun, and amazement. The world is a different place for us with her around. There is a constant stream of new experiences, skills, noises, and expressions that we have the privilege to be a part of. A few of these experiences got us thinking about life and what our baby is teaching us every day.

1. Laugh For No Reason

ela_laughing_hatEla laughs, giggles, chuckles, and snorts at the oddest things and often just for nothing we can figure out. The dog walked by, something we said, something we did, a sound, the way the wind blows, the water running. Who knows?

We love it when Ela laughs for no obvious reason. It is the simplest, purest, most enjoyable form of absolute joy we can think of.

When did we become so serious? When did we stop laughing just for the joy of it?

We have definitely learnt to laugh more from Ela. It’s hard not to! Laughter and joy is contagious after all. Laughing is good for us too. You feel better, more positive, and your brain releases more endorphins.

Try it! Laugh for no reason, we sure are!

2. Wonder at the World

Just so we’re clear, this isn’t about worrying. Not wondering about what may or may not happen. Not wondering about who’s going to win the election and not wondering what’s for dinner (here’s a tip fellas, make dinner once in a while, you’ll thank me later! – R).

You’ve heard the saying: “Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder;” Consider someone who has been blind their whole life and is just now seeing the world for the first time. Consider a baby who has never seen the world and is only just discovering all it has to offer. The experience must be mindEla_Zeus-blowing!

Everyday we get to be a part of our baby discovering the world around her. So often, we will catch her staring
intensely at something. Maybe the sky, the clouds, a tree, a flower, a person, a baby, an animal. So many things we as adults pass right by a dozen times each day without stopping to appreciate the wonder and beauty before us.

We’ve gained a new appreciation for the world around us through the eyes of our child. We’re so excited to be on this journey of discovery with our little girl.

Wonder about the world with the mouth-wide-open AWE of a baby!

3. It’s OK to Fall

ela_standingAt four months old, Ela started to learn to sit up, at 6 months old, she is working on standing. Whether sitting or standing, it’s a wobbly experience! Ela will sway, rock, and wobble remarkably like a real-life bobble head. There is an occasional tumble where we don’t catch her, but she just tries again.

Sometimes in life, it’s easier to stay safe, to not try, and to not move forward. It’s scary to change or try something new and you’re doing just fine anyhow. So why rock the boat? Why risk the fall? Growth is good, change is good, trying new things is good. You just can’t have those things without sometimes losing your balance. It’s in the falling you gain perspective, learn to balance, adjust your approach, and even receive a helping hand to get back up again.

It’s OK to fall.


What have you learnt from the babies in your life?


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