Ten Years of Love

Hello friends! Today we are writing to you from a beautiful ocean side cabin on Vancouver Island where we are enjoying a little getaway in honour of our 10th wedding anniversary. It’s raining hard outside, we’re cuddled up on the couch in front of a warm fire, with a hot cup of coffee in hand. What […]

3 Things My Baby Has Taught Me About Life

We LOVE playing with our baby girl! Ela offers us an endless source of joy, laughter, fun, and amazement. The world is a different place for us with her around. There is a constant stream of new experiences, skills, noises, and expressions that we have the privilege to be a part of. A few of these […]

Unconditional Love and Other Drugs

When was it you found out you were becoming a father? Do you remember that moment, the joy, the euphoria…… oh crap we’re having a baby? My first dad moment came at an already turbulent time in our lives when we had just decided to move from Edmonton, Alberta to Victoria, British Columbia. Having a baby was […]

Never Will I Ever

Have you ever said to yourself “I will NEVER do that!”? This is the statement usually uttered after you witness a scenario in which you are judging the participants vehemently. I wish that I could say that I do not judge people, unfortunately, I am not immune to the occasional moment of judgement. In the past, […]

Who’s Counting?

It’s been 5 months… It’s been 5 months since I became a mom. When, in the wee hours of the morning, our precious Ela entered the world, changing it completely and radically. It didn’t matter that her little head was so deformed from labour, she could have been the newest member of the cone heads clan, […]

Dude, You’re Whipped!

It’s a phrase we’ve either all heard, or said. “DUDE, YOU’RE WHIPPED!” Like some wannabe Indiana Jones, a quick whip-like movement of the hand and the notorious WUH-PSSSH crack of the whip. Sorry pal, you’ve got nothing on Mr. Ford.   You know the guy I mean. That unfortunate fellow walking down the street carrying his lady’s […]

It’s Time to Make Time

In today’s fast paced world, it is a challenge some days to get even a few minutes with your husband or wife. You both work full-time, hit the gym several times a week, and have a social life together and apart. And then, add a baby to the mix and time becomes relative. Relative time […]

They’re Never Too Young to Protect

We live in a world where violence, foul language, sexual content, and all kinds of mature material surround us in our everyday lives. A certain numbness and blindness sets in and we no longer always recognize what is filling our environment. When my daughter, Eleanor, arrived on the scene a little over four months ago […]

4 Tips to Start Following Your Dreams Today

Sometimes following your dreams can feel like swimming out into the open ocean! It’s deep, dark, cold, and unknown! There are strong currents to push you off course, the sheer expanse is intimidating, and all kinds of dangers lurk just below the surface to cast doubt and fear in your mind. Nevertheless, you work up […]